Monday, January 9, 2012

Back from Winter Break!

Justin:  Hi all!  The holidays have come and gone and we took a major hiatus from our life here on the internet.  Here is a little highlight from our winter season where Nic talks about her work's holiday party.  Enjoy!
Nicole:  Year 2 at the Holiday Party!
I am very grateful for the amazing holiday party that my company has for us.  They are very generous with everything, even with the economy issues and I feel very blessed to be able to work there. 
The party takes place at the Palmer House every year and it is just absolutely beautiful!  They have a live band, different appetizer stations, and a wonderful decor.  The only thing that may be lacking slightly is the amount of tables for the guests.  Most of them are the tall boy style tables which is fine, but if you are not lucky enough to get a spot, trying to balance your drink, plate, and eat all at the same time can be a little difficult.

Justin:  Look at this giant shrimp and oyster boat!  I'm on a boat, we on a boat...
Nicole: ...

Justin: ...What?

Nicole: ANYWAYS. Last year, being my first year, I was quite nervous.  I had just started working for the company and did not know many people at all.  Luckily Justin came with me and eased my nerves by being by my side.  Everyone I did interact with was very kind and it was just a great atmosphere and I was glad I was able to spend and share it with Justin.
This year, I was able to introduce Justin to some of my favorite people.  I was a lot less nervous and really felt like I could enjoy myself.  As I said before, there weren't very many tables, but this nice couple invited us to share their table with them.  I had never met either of them previouly but they were both very friendly and we ended up chatting with them the whole night and taking turns leaving the table for more food and drinks so that we didn't lose our spot.  Justin and I didn't stay as late as we did the previous year because we wanted to catch the trailer for Dark Knight - Rises, but I definitely enjoyed the time we did spend there.  Can't wait for next year!

Justin: Her work's holiday party is always amazing and I stuff my face...I try not to but I mean did you see the giant shrimp boat made out of ice!  COME ON!
Anyhoo I did a little comic strip for Joe Loves Crappy movies talking about Nic and I's experience with TDKR...see what I did there.  Til next time!

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