Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's like squeezing a sponge...

Justin:  So if you are a frequent visitor to our site (I'm not talking to you Nicole), I'm sure you've noticed the header change at the top.  The idea of her holding my hand and feeling like she was squeezing a wet sponge is a true story! When we first started hanging out, we kept our distances as we were "just friends" watching a movie.  Over time when I started winning her over (heh, yeah right), I was slowly moving closer to her side of the couch.  I was nervous either way, if she took my hand or if she didn't.  Thankfully she did.  However, when I am nervous, I sweat.  So when we started holding hands, she told me months later that it felt like grabbing a damp sponge.  Eventually it felt like she was holding an actual hand. LOL.

Nicole:  I think back fondly on those beginning days of our "hanging out".  They were fun, exciting, embarrassing, and just plain awesome.  When Justin and I first started hanging out, I was one tough chick, I couldn't decide if I wanted to let my guard down and let myself like him or if I just wanted to stay friends, but one thing I knew is that we always had a good time together.

As I was slowly testing the waters and deciding if we could be more than just friends we would do small things that would take friendship just a little bit farther. Sitting close together on the couch, sharing a blanket, and finally, holding hands.  I'm sure I was as nervous as Justin, but it was also very exciting.

When Justin showed me his design for our new blog header, I could not stop laughing.  Not only was it a funny and true picture, but it brought back the memories for those times and how I felt.  Reliving the sweaty hand and how I pushed on through it, because I knew I still wanted to hold his hand.  Thankfully, now Justin's hand doesn't get sweaty when I hold it, but if it did, it wouldn't even matter.  I'm never letting go.

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