Tuesday, April 3, 2012

As Seen on Triple D: Zydeco's

Justin:  So we eat a lot.  Triple D (Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives) is one of our favorite shows.  We watch it all the time.  Over the course of watching it, we decided that if we could, we would visit at least one Triple D recommended restaurant whenever we can...mostly during vacation hot spots.  We've been to so many since, we thought we'd start a new segment on our blog entitled, As Seen on Triple D. Keep in mind we are not professional food critics...just fans of the show and lovers of eating food.  So we won't get all fancy and talk about the amount of paprika in something or whatever.  Just sharing another thing we love to do as couple.

NAME: Zydeco's

LOCATION: Mooresville, Indiana

WHAT WE HAD: White beans and rice, garlic soup, gumbo,  black cat, baronne street shrimp, bourbon pecan pie and a gator whiz shot to top it off.

Nicole:  Ohhhhhh yeah, it was. I haven't tried much in the New Orleans cuisine, but this shit was the bomb!

Justin:  I think this was the first out of Illinois restaurant we went to and the first time we thought that going to one of these on trips or on the way to other places would be a great road trip/vacation tradition.

N: This restaurant is in a very little town in Indiana.  When we got there and saw the sign, I knew it was going to be fun.  They even had flower seeds outside with little baggies for you to take home.  The seating in the main room is not very large and it had fun decor.  Lawn umbrellas and fun lights strung up everywhere. Along with your fork and knife they have a set of mardi gras beads at your place.  The waitress came up, told us we needed to put the beads on and took our drink order - Gator Whizz!  It was an odd name, but it was good!  I will definitely have more Gator Whizz in my life.

J:  The decor and food was amazing.  In our last post we talked about having a shot partya and I think Gator Whizz would definitely be on that list.  The seafood was great and it had a lot of flavor.  The white beans and rice felt like a dish I would eat every day.  Actual my dad makes something similar so it felt like home cooking.  

N:  Being that I haven't tried very many New Orleans style dishes, we each got a few different things to try, and everything was just awesome.  I dream about going there for more spicy shrimp dishes and gumbo.  We couldn't get enough of each others dishes and even though we were stuffed, we had to get the bourbon pecan pie to try.  It was delicious!

J:  I would recommend this place to anyone who loves seafood and N'awlins style cooking!

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