Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Girls Weekend 2011

Well this weekend was something....wonderful!  It was Girls Weekend 2011!

While it is called Girls weekend, hubbies/boyfriends are allowed to attend.  We all take turns hosting and this time it was my friend Kristie's turn.  We all got there in time to head to bed and get some sleep for a fun filled weekend!

Saturday we headed out to the park nearby and had some fun monkeying around.


Later that evening we all got ready for a murder mystery game that I brought complete with costumes and accents.

I made my first attempt at cupcakes made completely from scratch.  They were guinness cupcakes with chocolate baileys ganache and baileys frosting.  They were good!


Sunday was a chillax day with chatting and movies and then we all headed home in the evening.  I was sad to leave my friends, but we are determined to have a Girls Weekend 2011 2.0 sometime in the second half of the year.

Lets do this Girls!

Justin:  Yes, yes Girls Weekend was upon us again and it was quite fantastic if you ask me.  One thing I'd like to point out that was kind of a highlight for us was that Nicole lost her ring.  Now that's not the highlight but the fact that we found it was the highlight.  As Nicole mentioned we were monkeying around in the playground and Nicole was on one of those hang upside down kind of bars and she was sure that she zipped her pockets up with ring inside.  However, after we had left and went to eat, she noticed it was missing in her pocket.  I could tell it was bugging her admist the crazy murder mystery game and other festivities but she played it cool.  It was only til that night when she shed a few tears for her lost piece of jewelry.  Because of the fact that it was the first piece of jewelry we bought together, it has a sentimental value to us.  On Sunday afternoon I decided to lay down for a bit and Nicole came in telling us it was time to go.  I was assuming she was sad because we were leaving her great friends but she said she was sad because it's the last day and she knows her ring is lost forever.  I told her it wasn't and that we can check before we leave and that her friends wouldn't mind one bit.

I think part of her hesitated at going to the park to look for it because it could very well be gone for good and a disappointed trip to the park would solidify that statement.  However as we made our way to the car I said to get your camera ready because I wanted to take a photo of the expression on her face when we find it.

Sure enough....I forgot to take the photo.  BUUUUT we did find her ring thanks to a very nice man who picked it up and placed it on one of the tables rather than in his pocket.  She was super happy and I was super happy for her.  We were all out there like worker ants looking for that thing and it's a testament to the kind of friendships we've made that mean so much.

I'm proud to say I was 100% positive we were going to find it.  You can't end a great Girls Weekend with a bummer moment.  But thanks to that nice man and the bond of positively strong friendships the ring was waiting for her when we got there.

Nicole speaks highly of her college friends as their are not just her college friends but her extended family.  I respect that quite a bit and always look forward to meeting up with the people that took care of her back in the day...still do now too.  You pick up a lot of traits from your friends in college, at least I'd like to think so. And Nicole's friends are really bonded together and just all around warm, kind, and funny people.  When you are around this particular group you can feel how closely connected they are.  My first Girls Weekend I was quite nervous but we seemed to get a long quite splendidly.  I think you'd think I was a part of the group for years with how we've interacted and bonded over the few great times we've hung out together.  I'm so happy that they are such a big part of Nicole's life and I'm proud to call them my friends as well.  Thanks for helping find her ring and for being such positive influences in our lives as a couple.

Bud Wizer out.

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