Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our thoughts on Oprah's farewell...

Justin:  Hi all, it's been a while since we've posted anything on what we have been saying is our relationship blog.  (have we ever said that?  Nic confirm please.)

May has just been of all things...BUSY.  Well March, April, and May have been busy that its been kind of hard updating you good readers (do we have ANY readers?) on our adventures and misadventures.  Trips were taken,  weddings were/are being had, (not ours), conventions, and book events have taken place.

So be gentle with us as we ease back into our fly and freshness.  Here's a little conversation my love and I had today...enjoy:

1:54 PM Nicole: i just read an article about the oprah taping yesterday
  there were sooo many celebrities
  thats an episode i would def watch
  john legend performs
1:55 PM me: Is marry Oprah
 Nicole: what?
1:56 PM me: I'd
 Nicole: haha, i know
  she knows about your poop
1:57 PM me: she prolly poops like a champion
 Nicole: haha
  its got a quote from stedman graham in the article too
  i cant believe i saw him in person
1:58 PM i should have paid more attention
1:59 PM me: yeah u coulda befriended him and we could've been bff couples and get to live in her guest house
2:00 PM Nicole: haha
  so true
  maybe he will visit again

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