Thursday, June 2, 2011

A 2 Year SManniversary Present!

Justin:  So Nic and I thought it would be a good idea to talk about our two year anniversary present that we received from the other as individual posts.  My anniversary present was actually more like an early birthday present that I knew about earlier.  I had already known (sort of) that Nicole was going to buy me tickets to what was back in November of 2010, going to be a Jay and Silent Bob Get Old tour.  Months past and writer/director Kevin Smith went on tour with his new movie, Red State this passed March.  I so badly wanted to go to that I got all upset about it when I couldn't because we were in a big "save money" phase at the start of the year.  OBVIOUSLY not knowing that she had already purchased tickets to the Get Old show months prior.

So when she busted out these tickets earlier then she wanted to so she can make my whiny ass shut up about missing Red State, I felt like total turds.  Well, I'm glad she got the tickets that she did because the show had evolved into the Jay and Silent Smod Tour which now featured Scott Mosier and SModcast.  Two shows, one ticket.  It was fan freakin' tastic and hilarious as one would expect.  Throughout the night I kind of got a feeling Nic was in to watch out as he might make an appearance on The List.

So this was kind of an anniversary more of a late birthday present but it was a great way to spend an evening.  Prior to that we ate at the Elephant & Castle Pub just off of Wabash by Millennium Park.  It was good eats and a recommended by Nic who ate at a location on her Seattle trip.  I had the Salmon Burger...which was a little dry but it still had great flavor.  We also split some nachos like a couple of fatties haha.  I love how into the things she gets that I am makes me loves her more.  Thanks for the great birthdaynnversary gift love!

P.S. to hear what we heard head to SModcast and listen to episode #170:  SMod-3D @ The Harris Theater.

Wanna know what I got for Nic?...

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