Thursday, June 23, 2011

Warrior Dashed 2011!

Nicole: Hello!  So this past Sunday was Father's Day and we usually just chill and relax and grill but we decided to do something a little different this year...the Warrior Dash!
If you have never heard of it, it is a 5k race with obstacles like climbing ropes, running through rivers, and swimming through a mud pit.  It was the muddiest, wettest, most awesome thing we have ever done Father's Day!

Our goal was to stay together so although we didn't run/jog the whole thing like originally planned, we all stayed together and had a good time and a great experience together.  Some people (my mom cough cough) didn't do all of the obstacles but we all supported each other through the whole thing.
I brought a long a disposable waterproof camera for the run and Justin was awesome and came along and shot videos and pictures as we were finishing the race.
 I am sooo grateful that Justin came to cheer us on and showed my appreciation for him coming ;o)
Who's with me for next year?!?!?!

Justin:  Nicole jumping over

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