Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hallowen Suit Up and Give Some Thanks!

Nicole: Hi there, friends!
It's been waaaay too long since our last post.  I won't bore you with the details of what has been going on every last millisecond since our last post, but wanted to touch on the past two holidays that have passed us by since then.
The first holiday is Halloween.  This is one of my very favorite holidays of the year. I get so excited as it approaches and always want to make sure I have a good time and a great costume!  Justin isn't that into Halloween, but since we have started dating, I have to say, he has definitely gotten more into the spirit.
Last year we were out of town for Halloween, but this year we were able to be home and attended a party that was put on by the Medinah Shriners.  This party was a blast!  They had food, a live band, a drinks aplenty.  My parents attend this party every year, but this was the first time that some of my siblings and I attended as well.  We thought it would be a great idea to come up with a group costume for all of us.  While looking through our old costume box we found some good pieces and decided to go as SNL characters.
My parents went as the Spartan Cheerleaders:
My sisters went as Da Super Fans:
  Justin and I went as The Blues Brothers:
It was a great time and everyone knew who we were.  The band even played Sweet Home Chicago and we got up on stage and danced our socks off!  It was a great night with a fun family, and I'd have to say, I would do it again next year!

Justin:  I think Nicole has won me over with Halloween by letting me pick the costumes since we started dating.  Last year we went as another pair of bros, of the Mario kind.  I think next year I'll let her pick the costumes.  I'm sure she wants to dress up as a girl for once...but maybe I can convince her to be a Slutty Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle...or there's always the April O' Neal and Slutty Casey Jones.  I'll let you guys imagine which one I'm dressed up as.  Oh yeah.

Nicole:  Uh...Now, on to Thanksgiving.  This is one of the holidays that Justin and I don't really spend together.  My family has dinner early, but then we have friends come over for evening dessert, and his family has dinner in the evening, right about when my dessert party starts.  It's really hard to make a compromise on this day when there are so many other parties involved, but I know we will make it work sometime.
Justin came over in the late morning while my mom, sisters and I were gettting the food prepared.  After that was done we made pumpkin cake balls for him to take to his Thanksgiving dinner. 
Justin stayed to eat with us and watch our annual Thanksgiving movie, and then headed off to his house for round 2 meal.  I am thankful that I got to spend some time with him this Thanksgiving, even though it wasn't longer.
My friends came over in the evening for dessert and we had a great time like always, re-living the past and finding out what everyone has been up to.  Lots of desserts were consumed and laughter was had.  Overall, it was a good Thanksgiving and it makes me even more thankful for the Family and Friends I have in my life :o)
Justin:  Yeah Thanksgiving is usually a hard holiday for us as we don't really spend the whole day together.  But I'm sure some of you are like, "ugh it's ONE day, calm down."   Anyways, I think we are still getting used to  the way our families spend holidays together.  Nicole's Thanksgiving was a nice, quiet brunch with an afternoon movie and just a good ole family hang out.  Where as my family's Thanksgiving is like a Michael Bay movie minus the giant robots...wait.  And with the addition of my two nieces and nephew we get even more poop and crying.  Hang on.  All kidding aside I have a big family and we do our best to get everyone together and it's a great big time of eating, family togetherness, and did I mention eating already?  I wouldn't have it any other way.  We even watched some classic Friends Thanksgiving themed episodes while we ate dinner.  Could it BE anymore awesome?

That should keep ya up to speed...we hope to get into a more regular posting schedule but we've both been so busy these past two months it's hard to keep you all updated.  I mean you can call us once in a while...what the heck people! (jk, jk)  Seriously where did November go?

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