Monday, October 24, 2011

we had an a-MAZE-ing date

Justin:  During my work week, Nicole had asked me out on a date via the internets.  We slept in on Saturday which is a rarity for me and a luxury for her.  Saddled up and attempted to grab Lou Malnati's pizza.  We called two different places and it turns out they were both pick up only places.  What the WHAT? We said.

We ended up ordering and having a little picnic in the park-ing lot of the Orland Plaza which housed the Lou Malnati's we went too.  The idea of eating pizza in the back seat of Nic's car sounded silly for which we were totally game for.

Nicole: If you know me, and my car, and how messy I am, then you know this was no small feat!  I really organized it all and we managed to have enough space for everything and enjoy our little picnic :o)

Justin:  Afterwards, we headed up to the Odyssey Fun Farm.  This wasn't the original place she had wanted our date to take place at.

Nicole:  For the last few years I have been dying to go to a super awesome pumpkin patch with a corn maze.  I love puzzles and figuring out mazes and things so I wanted to make sure we went to a good one!  Well, the one I reeaaallly wanted to go to was 3 hours away.  I would still love to go there sometime, but this particular weekend was our first weekend of not having to travel anywhere and I didn't want to sit in the car too long for our one weekend of relaxing.  So I looked up some local places and this seemed like a pretty good one.  Still a large maze, and they had pumpkins of course!

Justin:  So back to the farm, they had this not so spectacular blow up maze called The Beast.  It was basically a tour of the the dark.  Not too awesome.  Nicole: You literally couldn't see anything and you exit out of its butt!  Justin: But what was awesome was the corn maze!  I've never done one before and this particular maze was set kind of like letterboxing.

Nicole:  This was so fun!  We had a booklet that had different spaces on it and we had to go through the mazes looking for all of the different hole punches for the book.  We were awesome.  We found most of them quite easily and didn't take too many wrong turns.  We really only had trouble finding the very last one (of course!) and once we did - we were beyond excited!

Justin:  After we finished the maze and scraped the mud from our shoes.  (BLASTED)  Nicole had one more surprise in store for me.  We went to The Great Pumpkin Party which was a free event that had pie eating contests, scarecrow making and a bonfire for marshmallows.  The weird thing about the bonfire was that NO ONE brought stuff to make smores.  I mean seriously, how could you not?

Nicole:  I really wanted to find a place that would let us bring our own supplies for smores to make at the bonfires that were available.  I don't mind having to buy the stuff from the patches that we were at, but I wanted these smores to be Awesome!  I was so excited when I found out the Pumpkin Party had marshmallows and we could bring our own stuff, I brought the goods - not just your average chocolate, but awesome variations like, caramel filled ghirardelli and peanut butter cups!  So good, and so messy.

Justin:  There wasn't much for us to do there as lines for things like the hay ride were really, really long.  We danced to the Jackson 5 at one point which I think was the highlight of the date for her.

Nicole:  One word -  ::SWOON::

Justin:  I was pretty tired and full after my third smore but Nic noticed a nice little walking area complete with docks and a gazebo.  We stayed and took pictures while the sunset.  It was a nice way to the end the day.  I seriously never know what to expect when Nic plans these things and I am always impressed with how much planning she does to basically spend time together in fun new ways.  Don't get me wrong we are all about not doing anything...well maybe I'm more down for that than she is but we've grown to adapt to each others social habits or in some cases my lack of social habits. That's the important lesson of relationships kids, to grow.  If you don't grow or you are not willing to then you're not ready for a super awesome relationship. 

Nicole:  ditto kliddo :o)

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