Monday, December 6, 2010

Lagrange Park Holi-date!

Justin: Hello!  Winter is officially here!!!  We woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful yet cold white canvas just outside Nicole's apartment.

Nicole had sent me a link to this Hometown Holiday event in downtown Lagrange from 6 to 9pm where local shops were advertising their merch while giving out free cider and hot cocoa amongst other things.

They also had ice sculptures on the sidewalks and a smore tent complete with bonfire and giant toothpicks haha.

Downtown Lagrange always has these free events for the neighborhood and I can see why they have been voted Best Downtown for however odd number of years.  They really put quite the effort than most suburban downtown areas we've been too.  They even had a petting zoo complete with farm animals and hand sanitizer, haha.

There were a lot of cool things to walk around and take pictures of.  I think some of the highlights for me were the Smore tent and random ice sculptures placed through out the area.  Some shops had deals like 20% off and Nic got some information about "fun runs" heh.  I was glad we went because I felt crappy from all the sleep I took in.  So it was good to get some air and spend some QT together.

Around the time we were "just hanging out" I remember taking Nic to Downtown Lagrange when we were trying to find something to do other then watch movies and TV.  I took her to this area when they had just put their lights up and we drove through it looking at all the lights.  I don't think we got out of the car cause it was too cold and there were also other areas by my house where they had insane amounts of Christmas Decorations..who would've thunk (improper word usage noted) that we'd be back here but as a couple and that she'd be living around there too.  It's like I showed her our future...I'm awesome like that.

Nicole:  You are totally awesome!  I think you found your new profession ;o)

But seriously, I am beginning to love LaGrange more and more as I continue to live there.  There are so many events to attend throughout the year. Mostly free and usually unique things I haven't see anywhere else.  LaGrange Park definitely deserves the award for Best Downtown and I am so happy to be able to experience it!

When I saw that this event was occurring, I knew we had to go.  It sounded like a great time and was a good opportunity to explore some of the shops that I haven't had the chance to visit yet.  With Saturday being our first snow day, it was nice being able to walk around to the different shops and warm up inside with hot chocolate and cider while browsing around and finding things to not only add to my christmas list, but to buy for others as well.  The lights were pretty and there were carolers walking around to spread their good cheer.
My favorite parts of the evening were viewing the nativity scenes from around the world and making smores in the big bonfire area.  They warmed me from the inside and made me want to go camping.  More S'mores!

I'm so glad I got to share this with Justin and hopefully we can make this an annual outing.

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