Sunday, January 16, 2011

When the girl is away, the boy will...

sit around and do nothing.  Haha

Justin:  So Nicole is on vacation this week with her family and I am bored out of my mind.  I mean I do have plans to work on my art and made a list of things to do.  But the fact that Nicole is in a whole other state (Florida, for anyone curious) makes me unmotivated. 

It's a unsappy way of saying that I miss her.  It's ok, last year I went on vacation to visit my cousin Jonathan in Maryland she was missing me crazy. (I know. She told me.)

It makes sense right?  She's my best friend and when you spend so much time with someone...not because you have to...but because you want to, its hard to NOT spend time together.

Aside from my best friend who I've known since we were kids, I don't have any other friends out by me.  I'm a South Side filipino and I have family over every other day.  Most of my friends from college live farther from me.  I was the only one of our crew to move back home. 

 When we first started dating, she would come over a lot and she was living with her parents and they lived by Midway Airport.  She would stay over til like 2 in the morning sometimes she'd sleep over and go to work the next day.  It was ok at the time cause she lived so close to the el.  We would text about the night before about he movie we watched or the book we had read together.  At one point her parents expressed concern about the staying over late and our late late nights were usually done by 10 or 11pm.  Boooooo!

However, It was a great "getting to know you, hey let's fall in love" couple of months.  Eventually she switched jobs and addresses and then I became the one that would hang out at her place.  We developed this idea that we are each others' second home until you know, we one day live under the same roof.  When I'm with her, I feel at home, even if we are not at my house or her apartment.  We could be at a Denny's grabbing breakfast or Target shopping for sweatpants, but I'd still feel at home.  I can't very well be home if we're not together and she's in another freakin' state!

So Nicole is it.  Home. Cause that's where my heart is. And to me that's also means I don't have a heart right now so I'm like a the The Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz. 

Soooo come back already so we can go see The Green Hornet!

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