Sunday, November 14, 2010

The List

Justin:  I thought this would be fun to share with everyone.  The list takes its cue from one of my all time favorite TV shows, Friends

The idea behind the list is the top 5 celebrities and personalities that our significant other would let us get it on with.  Now I have a hard time with this because I swap out people ALL the time and never really get "set" in my ways.  In other words I haven't pulled a "Ross" and laminated it.  I thought every now and then, Nic and I would share one of the five from our list.  Also I think it will help Nic flesh out the rest of hers cause I think she has 3 or 2 that I know of and it will help me in picking and making my choices final.

There's no rank in the list, just the order that we think of them.  So the first person that comes to mind for me is:

Tina Fey is smart, funny, dorky, and that's sexy to me.  She was the funniest person that was a part of Mean Girls.  When Saturday Night Live wasn't funny, it's Weekend Update with Tina and Jimmy was their saving grace.  After she left, she went on to 30 Rock, one of my favorite shows in the last 4 years.  It's that sort of awkward comfortableness she owns that makes it ok for you to laugh.  And a girl that makes me laugh goes on my list for sure. I want to go to there.

On to Nic's pick!

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