Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Justin: I hope you guys had a Happy Halloween yesterday!  Nic and I were at the Detroit Fanfare convention Halloween weekend so dressing up started a day early for the company we were amongst.  You can read more about my comic exploits here.  Check out these awesome costumes we saw:

On day two of the convention it was Halloween so kids and adults were dressed up and artist were even handing out candy.  Nic and I both got dressed up for the event.  Here's what we went as:

I had a great time this weekend, we even got to visit Nic's cousin in Ann Arbor the night before the Fanfare and had some awesome cupcakes and veggie friendly cuisine.

What was the experience like for her?  Well let's ask Nicole...

Nicole: Well, over all I enjoyed Detroit Fanfare!  It was awesome how many costumes there were and since it was Halloween weekend, I was more inclined to dress up myself.  I didn't feel the pressure to be dressed as a super hero or feel like people were judging me because I was dressed as Spongebob.  I actually got a few good compliments from it!  The Con was great though, it was very busy, the aisles were full, and it was in the hotel.  This proved to be great because since this was a smaller venue and I wasn't sitting at the table with Justin like I normally am, I was able to go up to our room at any time.  I was able to grab a nap during the day and catch up on my sleep.  I had a good time and the convention went so well that they are moving it to a larger location next year!

Friday in Ann Arbor was great!  I was officially the first relative on my side to visit my cousin in Ann Arbor and I would definitely say I would love to go back and visit!  There were so many different food places, along with lots of veggie friendly options and we capped the night off with amazing cupcakes and a few eps of The IT Crowd.  If you have never heard of The IT Crowd, you need to see it, NOW!  It is hilarious british humor and I can't wait to be caught up with all the seasons.

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