Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mid Ohio Food

Justin:  Hi!  And how was the weekend for all of you?  This past weekend Nic and I attended the Mid Ohio Con in Columbus.  More on that nerdy goodness here.

The reason for the awesome post is: FOOD!

Since we got one of those fancy extended-stay type of hotels, we had a whole kitchen setup.  To save money instead of buying junk and eating crap [wait til we get to Sunday], we decided Saturday night to make dinner.

After the show we went to Kroger and picked up a few things.

We had crab cakes for appetizers and decided on making stuffed shells with spinach and ricotta cheese!

 I think I'll leave it up to Nic to tell you the process...I just stood there and looked pretty. [just kidding...I was sitting]

Nicole: While, we probably spent about the same amount of money buying our food, it was so much fun to make and have a real meal together!  We knew exactly what was in our food, we could adjust flavors to our exact liking and of course, we could make left overs for the next day!

The process was really easy, you cook some shells, make a little spinach and cheese mixture, stuff the shells after they have cooled and top them with sauce and bake in the oven.  Even though we didn't make the crab cakes, they were still very good, and I'm glad we decided to get them.  They were a great appetizer to stave our hunger as we waited for the shells to bake.  We also got a few Mediterranean salads to enjoy.  It was an overall great dinner and I'm glad we had a kitchen at our fingertips.

Justin: Hi again!  So didn't that look awesome?  It tasted awesome, for realsies.

Nic's friend, Melanie, told us about this hot dog joint in Columbus called Dirty Frank's.  Wait, me eat hot dogs?  It gets better, you can get any dog there vegetarian!

So for our "celebration" dinner on Sunday we decided to eat there and holy crap was it good.  I got to eat a chili dog for the first time in like three years.

Granted it wasn't a real hot dog, it was a veggie brat, and it was chili with no meat but damn, it tasted just like one!  I also had the Amy's Boston Dog, which was a hot dog with Boston baked beans, onions, and cheddar cheese.  We also split something called "Tater Tot-chos", which is nachos minus the "na" and replaced with "tots".  YUM!

I really dug the heck out of the place and it has character.  They even poke fun with some of the menu items.

Nicole:  When Melanie told me about Dirty Franks, I almost dismissed it right away because, hellooo, it's hot dogs, Justin can't eat there.  But my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check out the menu and BOY was I glad I did!  There are soooo many different hot dog options to choose from, you could get almost any of them as a veggie dog and they also had veggie brat and italian sausage options as well.  After checking out the amazing menu, I knew we had to go and luckily, it was only about 5 minutes from the convention site.  It was amazing!  I would definitely love to go back there and try a few of their other dog choices and maybe some of their unique slushies as well.  If you are ever in the downtown Columbus area, I highly recommend this place!

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