Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shrek The Musical, the date!

Justin:  So the way this'll go is that some days you'll get a post from just Nicole or you'll get a post just from me.  And if we feel like it, which will probably be all the time, we'll both chime in on a post that the other one has done. (did you get lost? haha)


When we first started dating, we thought it would be cute if we "named" our most epic of dates as if it were a sitcom.  (more on that as we take a look back and forward through the course of filling this blog up with our silliness)

So on this date, it was my first time seeing a big broad way production and what better way then with a musical based on the hit animated film, Shrek.

I think we both agreed it was a blast and I found myself laughing loudly throughout, which you wouldn't think to do at stage theater BUT it was also a kid friendly show and there were tons of kids laughing along with us.  There's something to be said about songs that can work fart and burp jokes into the lyrics.

So if the show is playing somewhere by you, go out and check out Shrek The Musical!  It's good times.

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