Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wanna watch a movie?

Justin:  I had previously stated how important watching movies have been to us.  Other than being awesome, "going to see a movie" was my move.  I didn't have much luck with the ladies all throughout high school and college.  I think it was because, at that time, my interests in anything social we're lacking.  Clubs, parties, club-parties, were all non-enjoyable to me and movies were fun because it didn't bother with all that awkward socializing.

With Nicole it was different.  However, the first thing we did together was tour Downtown Chicago, which I never did and she was an expert at.  At the time I had yet seen the Cloud Gate a.k.a The Bean and well I felt like doing some picture taking and when Facebook became available to the public I found myself reconnecting with old high school people on the world wide web.

After that first day, which maybe Nic can elaborate for you more.

Nicole:  Call me lame, but just reading Justin's post about the movie nights makes me smile.  The sweetness, funniness and lameness.  It all made me smile.  K, no more mush.

Soo our first hang out day since high school.  We like to call it Sunday in the City.

Facebook was getting all popular and people were reconnecting and being friends with everyone and their mother that they had met for 2 seconds or had known but were'nt really friends with.

I talked to Justin in high school and was friendly with him but I wouldn't say we were exactly friends, he was pretty quiet and kinda goofy.  I mean, the only two things I really remember about him from high school were us making fun of my cheesy smile and him telling me that my armpits and my crotch were the two warmest parts of my body.

So back to Sunday in the City.  We started chatting because of facebook and I had found out he had never been downtown to the Bean and I worked literally across the street at the time.  It was a must, we were going, whether he liked it or not. 

So we were going to take the El downtown and since I lived close by we were meeting at my house.  He shows up on that 60 degree rainy day in shorts.  Shorts! and a tshirt, minus a jacket of any sort, or an umbrella. I look at him skeptically, make fun of him a little (ok, a lot) and we are on our way. 

So we get downtown and start walking around.  Justin's freezing but wont really admit it and we go around taking pictures and catching up.  He was so excited that I volunteered to be in pictures and was patient while he got artsy.

After a fun day of pictures and freezing we decided to go to corner bakery and warm up with some hot cocoa.  Justin bought mine and as we are sitting there chatting and answering questions from each other about our lives I remember thinking how I hoped he wasn't interested in me in more than a friendly way.

Well we head home and as we are chatting we realize that Justin's cousin and my sister are roommates in college and good friends.  I knew from that moment on we were destined to be in each others lives in some way.
Justin:  These were clearly ingredients for a solid friendship stewing.

So when we would hang out, most times we'd go to the movies.  It was what I was good at.  We'd talk a little on the way there and then talk about how awesome or bad the movie was at dinner or on the drive back.  It was, to me, genius set up.

As the friendship grew and the feelings began to surface, we moved the movie watching to the downstairs of my parents' house.  My dad had a projector and we would watch movies projected on the wall while chillin' on the couch.  So it was like being in the theater but we were the only audience.  The best part about that was: No arm rests...(BLOG POST FIVE!)

Ok now some nights, through no fault of my own, the dvd player downstairs would flip out and skip the disc.  I would suggest finishing the movie in my room....and at this time I still had a bed.  I would emphasize that in hopes that she wouldn't think I was trying to get her into my bed and I scratched the crap out of the disc before she got there.

One particular night, we were watching the Michael J. Fox classic, The Frighteners, which she would on occasion forget the name and call it The Firefighters.  (She's cute like that)  The disc had started skipping downstairs and I suggested finishing the movie in my room.  There we were laying in my bed. I kept a safe distance because I was nervous I might do or say something out of sheer awkwardness to send her screaming out the door.  BUT I never had any intentions like "Oh man, I'm going to score" because I'm not that kind of guy and I didn't think she liked me like that.

What happens next?  She falls asleep during the last 20 minutes of the movie!  I was like, uhhhhh what?  How could you fall asleep during The Frighteners?!  I wasn't outraged at all really because she kind of fell asleep on me...and well that was awesome!  I didn't know what to do so I just let her sleep til she woke up. And when she woke up she apologized for missing the movie and went right back to sleep.  Now I remember turning off the T.V. and just letting her sleep and I just kind of laid there and seriously thought how AWESOME this was but not to make any sudden self-celebration gestures so I didn't wake her up.  I think it was like 2 or 3am when she woke up and just kind of hugged goodbye and that was it.  It was a general stepping stone.  It gave me the notion that this friendship COULD go somewhere.  I didn't want to push it so I just let it be and took it for what it was.  I didn't want to amp myself up but it got me thinking about her and that was never a bad thing.  I was liking this girl more and more.

One of the other memorable movie nights we had was when we watched Superbad...but I think I'll leave that story for another time. Because this was just the beginning of it all and I again emphasize movies being very important to the forming of our relationship, til next time!

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